Build Stronger Bonds


Family gatherings spread the joy of love, happiness that wants us to adjust and go to great lengths to keep us together. The joy of togetherness draws a veil over small the differences that soon seem very insignificant compared to the strong bond that cements the family.


Festivals are about fasting, feasting and celebrating together to make the occasion joyous and special. Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali are all about harnessing the power within to fight our negativities, our vices to emerge victorious. Expressions of gratitude in the highest form are offered by worshipping our tools of trade during Dussehra. These festivals bring not only family, friends but people from all walks of life on a common platform to believe in each other, imbibe positive qualities to become better human beings, to stay as one, to love, respect and accept each other.


Festivals encourages us to invoke devotion in the purest form, to visit temples and offer sincere prayers, to chant with all our heart the adorable qualities of the divine form being worshipped.


Let us see the impact of festivals galore. Holi is about splashing colours on each other to welcome the colourful spring. Ganesh Chaturthi is about commemorating Lord Ganesha on his birthday together so that the Modak loving Lord removes all our obstacles and bestows prosperity. Raksha Bandhan pays a loving tribute to the fond relationship of a brother and sister. Guru Nanak Jayanti, spreads the message of charity, sacrifice and service to the community. Eid is celebrated to offer charity, the breaking of the Ramadan fast, to offer prayers for the salvation of the departed family members.



Values imbibed


Values imbibed from family members takes your personality to a different level altogether. You develop a deep respect for each other as you see everyone’s journey is a challenging one. You rise from your selfish self by forgetting yourself and partaking joy with others. Joy shared is joy multiplied. Sacrificing your needs to make someone happy rather than just thinking of your personal gains is all about growth and tenderness. The act of Charity becomes cherishable when you learn to donate generously to make someone else’s life more meaningful. It makes space for new and vital energy to flow within by the act of giving.


You realize the elders are a special lot whose needs you have to be sensitive to. Finding their misplaced keys, spectacles, setting their favourite caller tune on their mobile phone can add a vigour to their gait or a glow to their smile.


You become more tolerant and a better human being. Life is too short to while away time in winning arguments or having your way. Relationships are about bonding, understanding your loved ones to be there for them, to make life worthwhile.


You make special gestures by buying your loved one a thoughtful gift like a kitchen appliance, bringing in a surprise birthday or anniversary party where the cleaning of the house and arrangements are all taken care of. You take that extra step to make others happy.


If you want love, give love. If you want freedom, respect, give freedom, respect, etc. On the foundation of the thoughts you radiate, you will create your world accordingly. You become that human being who learns to include others in your prayers, for the well being of the entire family and community.


Occasions that bring family together


Festivals, weddings, picnics and holidays, ceremonies like new born naming ceremonies or thread ceremony make families flock together.


Visiting uncles, aunts from abroad, housewarming events, pooja gatherings apart from festivals like a havan, or even when somebody is ill, the family ensures their supportive presence.


Watching IPL matches together, going for a movie together, shopping for festivals, weddings, etc, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, what would our life be without these lively gatherings!


Go ahead, life is a playground, test your skills!


With different individuals making up the building blocks of your family, you are bound to become a sassy individual.


No matter who, what or how they are, you learn to love them unconditionally. You learn to forgive and move on, stand up for yourself and become adept at being patient. Traditions and customs become woven into your being effortlessly.


Fun things to do with family




It is a delight to feel the hustle and bustle during festivals while cleaning and decorating your homes together. Weaving Rangoli patterns with a band of experts around, adds more glamor to them.


Want to add that swirl to your gait this festive season? Learn to drape sarees from the elders ! Turn your not so great recipes into a hit by getting hold of those ancient culinary secrets. Get nostalgic with cousins and siblings you have grown up with ! Remember those nervous and adventurous moments of stealing mangoes from the neighbour’s tree, or getting the new puppy home, buying ice creams secretively and feasting on them during those forbidding bouts of cold,etc.

Sharing the latest breakthroughs in kitchen implements that make life easy. Develop a green thumb by learning and sharing gardening tips. Learning tips to how to woo your new mother-in-law. Hovering around the grandparents, uncles, aunts and even parents to hear their version of romance during their blooming relationships. Sharing the latest trends in the fashion world. Teaching your new nephews and nieces some pranks, cycling, swimming, etc. Getting the elders hooked onto facebook and whatsapp to keep them in the loop would be fun too.

Coming back home is the ideal destination spot to unwind and twine up with your family members for all the exciting times, trying times, the invaluable lessons that you learn and most of all to cherish the annoying and lovable aspects at the same time. So what do you say ? Aren’t we all the same !