Prestige Clip On Pressure Cookware

Discover the new way of Microwave Cooking


The magic of microwave combined with Pressure Cooking

Prestige microwave pressure cooker is crafted for an exceptional speedy cooking experience. Unlike the ordinary pressure cookers where the food cooks only after the water begins to boil, microwave pressure cooker starts cooking your food the moment it is turned on. It not only saves you time but also ensures that your food preserves all the nutrients for you.


Why is Prestige Microchef a Smart Buy?

Use it for cooking, heating or even steaming and escape from the hassles of morning rush . All you need to do is put the contents in the cooker, place it in your microwave and set the timer. Made of very high quality plastic this cooker offers various safety options like, gasket offset device, safety plug, anti clogging mesh and a visual pressure indicator. So now you can put your microwave oven into best use with this wonder cooker.

Product Features / Feature Set

Pressure Indicator
a. Pressure regulator:

The Micro Chef cooks at half the pressure compared to a conventional cooker. The Micro chef’s pressure regulator cooks the food at a pressure build up of 0.5 kg/ square centimeter compared to a pressure of 1 kg/ square centimeter in a conventional cooker.

Secondary safety
b. Secondary safety:

In case, the pressure regulator fails, the secondary safety valve ensures to release the excess build up pressure, protecting both the safety of the microchef cooker and that of the medium used for cooking, in this case it would be the microwave oven

Safety Lock.jpg
c. Safety Lock:

This safety mechanism does not allow you to open the pressure cooker until its build up pressure has gotten released naturally. If the lock isn’t activated, similarly there would not be a buildup of pressure as well.

Pressure Indicator
d. Pressure Indicator:

This gives you a clear indication about the build up pressure within so that you can safely open the pressure cooker. The Micro chef’s central plate rises upward when there is a buildup of pressure within.

What can we cook in it?


Cook delicious rice, biryanis, dal for lunch the tight seal of the cooker doesn't all the pressure to escape out of the cooker thus allowing you to boil vegetables in a matter of few minutes. The excellent steaming function helps you cook succulent fish and chicken just as easily as heating food in a microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Clip On pressure cookware range different from a pressure cooker?

It is absolutely okay to wash the microchef cooker in soap water. However you should never use bleach or steel wool scrubber. Cleansing pads made for nonstick pans may be used

Is it safe to use spices in microwave pressure cooker.

Turmeric and other food colourants tend to discolour plastic. However, it in no way affect the performance of the cooker.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes it is. Although, when a dishwasher is used for cleaning the microwave pressure cooker, please remove the visual pressure indicator or the secondary safety device.

Can i boil eggs, potatoes and other veggies in the microwave pressure cooker?

Yes you can cook these items in your microwave cookware although, remember to prick your vegetables to prevent them from bursting due to high pressure build up

What is the use of the Visual Pressure Indicator (VPI)?

The visual pressure indicator/secondary safety device is is imbedded in the microwave pressure cooker so that when the pressure starts building inside the cooker it can act as an indicator. The indicator gets pushed up and rises above the surface of the cooker. When the primary safety device fails to function due to excessive blockage, the VPI allows the excess pressure to escape, thus ensuring you double safety as compared to the usual gas stove cooker.

Water spills out my cooker while I cook soups and other dishes that require more water.

That is because you are overfilling the cookware. Please refer to the chart in your user manual for the right amount of water to be used for your dishes. For items that demand excess water, always begin with less and you can keep adding more water subsequently.

Let's get you cooking with Microwave Pressure Cookware

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