Independence Day

This Independence Day Pledge to Make a Difference!



We have come past 70 years of breaking out of the shackles of oppression. So much has changed ever since; some for good and some bad. We have taken pride over the nation’s first Mars Orbiter Mission and we have also seen the nation weep together for the heinous crimes. We have protested against injustice and also lashed out together on terror attacks. We have been through so much and have worked to change as much.



But can we still proudly say that we have fought against all the vices thriving on our nation? Leaves us thinking, doesn’t it?



None of us likes the country in this state, but at the same time, we aren’t empathetic enough to get out of our houses and get our hands dirty. It’s for sure easier said than done, sitting back on my couch and writing this blog post is a much more convenient option. But that isn’t what will take us towards a better country, which Kalam dreamt of. We don't need to walk out with candles to bring that change, yet we beyond any doubt can help in our own little ways and contribute towards the greater good for the nation.



Vote: In a vastly democratic country like India, casting one's vote is one the most crucial and yet the most underrated duty of any citizen. This value has to be deeply inculcated in our minds and that of the generations to come. At 18 one is sensible enough to draw their opinions of wrong and right, and we are blessed to have a system that allows us to use our opinions to shape the nation for a better tomorrow.



Volunteer: Rome wasn’t built in a day and sure not by just sitting in the comfort of your cosy homes. If it really bothers you, it’s only you who can change it.


There are a number of ways you can volunteer and ‘make it count’. You can teach. There are various forums that recruit young enthusiastic individuals to teach the less privileged. Or you can begin to teach independently. If you feel you possess skill (may it be something as general as cooking or something as complicated as coding) and that can help someone else too, just teach!


Or you can simply come together as a community to clean your locality. Why play the blame game with the system when you clearly know that a superior nation isn’t an obligation of the administration alone.



Donate: We bring home the bacon by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Giving doesn’t always have to be monetary. As mother Teresa has rightly said, “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  You can donate your toys and clothes that aren’t used anymore.


You can also help kids in orphanages or halfway houses with stationary and other needful things. Try it! And I bet you begin to see life with new eyes.



Sponsor someone’s education, help them grow. You never know he/she might turn out to be a doctor who saves your life or a chartered accountant and helps you with your fund's management. Talent only needs some air to breathe and you could be the oxygen mask.


A good deed cannot be defined by a few words. We play our roles in our own ways. There are a thousand ways we can make it big. 



Share with us your stories, where you feel you have done something to change the country for good. And we shall tell the world about it!