Decorate your home for the upcoming festival


Giving your home a sparkle before decorating for the upcoming festival would be a perfect way to invite in auspiciousness, prosperity and good energy in your home. Thorough cleaning of window grills, door frameworks, removal of clutter, cleaning areas which are not normally attended to on a daily basis, would be a good start. Getting the removable sofa upholstery, curtains, cushion covers, etc washed will add a freshness to your home. To take it even further, you could give a new makeover to the living and dining areas by changing the curtains and the upholstery too. This would add a new colour and feel to our much cherished spaces.


Spirituality in all its essence



Our deities are lovingly bathed, their platforms are cleaned, adorned with new decorative  garlands, new pooja thalis are fondly bought to hold the articles of worship, decorative hanging bells are hung in the backdrop, rangoli patterns are drawn in reverence, select diyas are kept ready to enhance the festive feel, incense sticks, dhoop for a fragrant appeal, enough wicks and lamp oil is readied for the following festival days. A good playlist of hymns and bhajans are recorded to play in the background. 


Decoration at the entrance of your home



Rangoli patterns embellishing the symbols of your favourite deity, adding colour and flower petals make beautiful designs at your entrance beckoning blessings and good fortune into your home.

The doorway decorated with torans made of mango leaves are auspicious. Bunches of banana leaves tied on either side of the main doorway, mark the festive occasion. Garlands of flowers add a lot of colour, fragrance and beauty to your entrance.


A beautiful urli filled with water and colourful flowers kept afloat will add an additional charm to the entrance. Decorative diyas amongst the flowers would exude the significance of the festival too. A lit lamp or a diya always signifies knowledge, being a dispeller of ignorance. One lamp can light several lamps without diminishing in its brightness, just like how one spark of love and affection can illuminate several lives, bringing entire humanity into a fold of oneness. 



The charm of lights



Earthen lamps with cotton wicks, add a special traditional touch to our home, illuminating it with the festive essence. A row of diyas on the front porch, terrace or balcony, near windows and entrance reflects the joy and fervour of the season. Surrounding the earthen lamps with flower petals could enamor the celebration further.


Strings of dancing fairy lights around pillars, windows, in the garden adds to the decorative charm. Aromatic diffusers in the living and dining areas can be very soothing and palliative amid the festive excitement.


Smart Kitchen for throwing feasts


Your kitchen should be spruced up to be able to accommodate the requirements of the festival. Get the latest and powered appliances to modernise your kitchen with the best of Mixer Grinder, Masala Grinder, Sandwich Maker, Oven Toaster Grill to bake your cravings, Coffee Maker, Clip-On pressure cookware, Induction Cooktops, etc from Prestige to sail through the festival smoothly. With these kitchen partners as a part of your kitchen, you simply are not alone anymore in your chores.


With the countdown beginning to usher in the festival, you need to make sure you are well stocked up with abundant supplies of sugar, clarified butter, dry fruits and spices, etc. It is a part of our culture to prepare an array of sweet treats to reflect prosperity and auspiciousness of the festival. Additionally, it keeps the happiness quotient of our circle of  friends, relatives and family brimming to the edge, to spill over.


Lavish spread of feasts are laid to keep the celebration soaring. Before the run up to the festival,  cutlery and the best of crockery are sparkled up to keep the snacks and beverages flowing.


Festivals reinforce values, traditions, encourages families to stand by together through thick and thin for all good and trying times. It is this time that we appreciate the values of love, understanding and adjustments to face all challenges with courage and determination.