The rewarding journey at Ttk Prestige


Ttk Prestige is one amongst the Top 24 companies that has been felicitated as a “Company with great managers”.  Mr. K.G. George - Sr. VP - Retail and New Channels has been awarded “The Great Manager Award” in the Senior's leader’s Category, presented by People Business in association with the Economic Times, this year.  What keeps this company going great guns every single year that generates great managers, committed teamwork, commendable leadership qualities and so on? What is the kind of drive behind this dedicated company that keeps emerging at podiums winning various awards?  Another award that is worth highlighting is the “Brand Of The Year” award, clearly stating Ttk Prestige as India’s most loved brand.  Along with this prestigious award, the MD of Ttk Prestige Mr. Chandru Kalro was acknowledged with “India’s most trusted CEO’s 2018”  award during WRCS Ideafest August 2018.


Customer satisfaction has always been their relentless pursuit which has added another feather to their cap as Ttk Prestige was commemorated with the “Most Trusted Brand” award at the beginning of this current year. The steadfast principle of this eminent company has always been to recognize the inherent qualities of individuals, to draw them out into the field of action that results in accomplishments motivating the other members of the team to contribute with versatility.


Innovation, convenience, safety, durability, and performance has always been their prerogative to achieve and deliver. Being showered with consistent awards doesn’t slow down their pace of performance, rather it fuels their goals and ambitions further, as the achievements are milestones to only further refine their deliverance protocols.


Every day is a learning experience at Ttk Prestige, where umpteen opportunities are made available to expand the realm of rational where leadership qualities are developed with a gentle encouragement towards the fruition of goals. Limitations and constraints are seen as stepping stones of success nudging individuals to draw out their potential for great teamwork and managerial skills.