Breeze through exams


Are you having sleepless nights before the run up to your child’s exams? Your child needs more attention than ever during these trying times. Before the exams, a lot of brainstorming has to be done by parents too. What best foods would keep the children bustling with energy and spirit? As parents, you would be required consistently to become their lifeline to keep them anchored to their goals. The food intake would have to be much more nourishing, at the same time appealing and satiating too.



Foods to be avoided during exams



Fried foods, junk foods like pizzas, burgers, etc, sugar, and too much caffeine would have to be avoided as they tend to make your children sluggish, nervous and exhausted. Sugary drinks give a spike in energy levels and before he/she get going, the going gets tough. The sudden crash of energy with sugar makes the task ahead more difficult than ever. Too much caffeine can result in nervousness and sleeplessness.


Nourishing Foods to be had during exams



Foods that nourish your body and brain to boost energy levels, memory and concentration are encouraged. Fruits, nuts, eggs, paneer, dark leafy green vegetables, milk, yogurt, etc are nourishing and satiating at the same time.


Work in spaces with good ventilation and light



Studying in spaces with good ventilation and light is encouraged. Sunshine spreads cheer and keeps your child's energy levels from dipping so that he/she doesn't end up feeling drab and demotivated.  A colorful platter of fruits can get them cracking those difficult looking notes in no time.


Colorful Fruit Platter is light on your stomach, delicious and full of fiber. Fruits rejuvenate them with freshness and provide a sustained release of energy, unlike sugary drinks or sweets that can get their spiked energy crashing soon. Oranges, pineapples, grapes, mud apples (sapodilla), papaya, apples, etc would make a lovely fruit platter.



Be out in the sunshine



Vitamin D is important for a healthy brain. A small stroll in the garden can elevate your child's  mood as well. Apart from a good exposure to sunlight, mushrooms on toast, pastas, etc, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches are some of the hearty foods that gives them enough of this coveted vitamin for a healthy mind and body. A walk under the brilliant sun with a vitalizing. Granola Bar would be ideal to accomplish challenging tasks with ease. The nuts and seeds in the Granola Bar are power foods for the brain. Another crunchy and naturally sweet treat would be a Dates and Cashew Laddoo to get the extra energy.






Studying effectively



Ask your kid to avoid last minute cramming. A planned time table will see your kid accomplishing the herculean task ahead.Practising previous exam question papers to be well versed with what is regularly asked and to learn to manage time effectively is recommended.


Dark green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, bell peppers are great sources of Vitamin-K, the brain-boosting vitamin. Spinach can be incorporated in pastas, broccoli in soups and cutlets. Bell peppers with cottage cheese are delicious and a big hit with children. These combinations and variety would be appealing and wholesome too. A rich green and creamy Spinach Pasta would be a fantastic treat when your child is feeling clouded with oodles of information.




Take regular breaks



A breather after 45-50 minutes would help your child to retain what has been learned and also to keep up the motivation and focus going at a charged and consistent level. Vanilla Dark Chocolate Milk soothes the frayed nerves during the short break and allows them to feel positive vibes and afresh to get back with a new surge of energy. Dark chocolate enhances focus, boosts memory, improves problem-solving skills and calms their burdened mind. Vanilla relieves stress, soothes the stomach and has healing properties overall to keep their mind and body protected and strong to brave out the challenging times. Milk rich in protein and calcium keeps them well nourished and satiated.


Staying well hydrated


Fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk, etc and a lot of water can help to keep up the demanding energy levels from sinking. A good amount of nourishing fluids also keep headaches, fatigue, and illnesses at bay.



Recall and revise efficiently




Revising within 24 hours helps recall and retain the information learned. Saying out loud and jotting it down, one-page diagrams and graphs, writing down in bullet points format are excellent ways to stay well versed with their work. The revision requires connection and a better understanding of the concepts. To get those extra creative and intelligent juices to flow, a colorful and healthy Smoothie can raise energy levels impressively.


Sleep well to boost memory


The studied content is processed and retained well with a good night’s sleep. The concentration and energy levels are high during the next day with a good night’s sleep. Thus the performance is enhanced during the examination. For sound sleep, a glass of warm milk with almonds, saffron, and cardamom can be very soothing fondly called Masala Milk.



The day of examination




A well-balanced meal thoughtfully put together with love will fuel your child from the start to the end of the exam. There is no challenge that he or she cannot overcome with that confident smile you send them off with. The confidence from parents instills a strong sense of faith in children that they believe in themselves to outshine in all their endeavors.