Tattva a natural Healer


Copper age vividly describes the antiquity of the essential metal Copper. The use of this lustrous metal manifested in the form of beautiful jewelry, tools, artifacts, bells, lamps, coins, tableware, vessels and much more. Our Forefathers knew how this shiny red-brown metal could transform lives in impactful ways by simple means. Water stored in a copper vessel or jug overnight brings with it, life-giving forces. This copper-enriched water is called Tamra Jal.


The pearls of wisdom that our ancestors left for us are quite worth pursuing with an understanding. Let’s invite this knowledge to be a part of our lifestyle.


Tamra Jal on an empty stomach


Water stored in a Copper vessel overnight and had first thing in the morning on an empty stomach regulates harmonious functioning of the mind and body. This copper enriched water is called Tamra Jal.  Minimum 8-10 hours of storing water in this manner would yield incredible benefits.


Purifying power of Copper



Copper has antibacterial and antiviral properties that purify contaminated water stored in its vessel for at least 16 hours. Copper in its pure form performs this miracle. Utensils, jugs, etc which have copper mixed with other metals would not lend such incredible properties. Go for simple copper vessels or bottles but not with intricate designs. The intricately designed items clearly indicate that copper is mixed with other alloys.


How much of Tamra Jal for staggering benefits


2-3 glasses of Tamra Jal is beneficial for the mind and body. You should not exceed 3 glasses of this ionic water. This positively charged ionic water balances the body’s pH (acid-alkaline balance).


Brainstorming with Copper


Copper aids in enhanced brain functioning (faster and more efficiently) with a quick transmission of nerve impulses. It is a brain stimulant and prevents seizures.


Copper erases out fine lines


It does not take much to keep looking young. Free radicals result in the formation of fine lines. The anti-oxidant property of Copper fights the free radicals and erases out these undesirable fine lines. With free radicals out of the way, cancer is warded off too.




Equilibrium of nature’s forces


Nature is about harmony, abundance, and generosity. Copper improves digestion getting rid of acidity and gas. It is a great detox for the stomach, eliminating waste effectively and allowing excellent absorption of nutrients from food. Copper heals ulcers and gets rid of infections too.


Be in great shape with Copper

Get the stubborn fat melting away to give you great definition and strength, which does not seem to budge with enduring diets. Copper strengthens the immune system safeguarding our body from all illnesses too.


Heal your way through Copper

Copper enhances new cell production, thereby quicky healing scars and wounds. Its anti-inflammatory property eases out aching joints and pains, simultaneously strengthening bones.


Prudence with Copper

  1. Copper enriched water should be had at room temperature. It should never be stored in the fridge. Hot water should not be stored in a copper bottle and had later. This can lead to copper poisoning.

  2. Eating acidic foods cooked in copper cookware can lead to copper poisoning called Copperiedus.

Maintain the reddish-orange luster of Copperware


Lemon juice squeezed and applied on the insides of the copper vessel and rinsing it off well after a few minutes, would clean the vessel well. Never to use a coarse scrub to clean the inside of a copper vessel as it is a very soft metal.


Make a paste combining acetic acid and baking soda, apply this with a light scrubbing action on tough tarnished stains, this will effectively clean the vessel and give a luster.


Health benefits trapped in a Bottle



Pure Copper Bottle from Prestige offers immense health benefits of Copper. It is exquisitely designed with a glossy finish, is easy to carry, and the silicone seal in the lid ensures no leakage of water. These bottles bring back tradition in our lives and the encouraged use of these bottles will salvage our environment from disposable plastic bottles.


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