'Tis time to make MonsoonMemories


As roaring clouds & drizzling days are upon us, it’s time to welcome monsoons with our heart twirling to the rhythm of the downpour. After the end of the summer, the cold & chilling mizzle appears as a big boon, enlivening the very soul and bringing smiles to the face and love in the heart.


For some, it's an exotic moment to break free from the monotony of life and travel to distant places as the Mother Nature once again comes to her younger self.


But for those who couldn't afford to travel, we would like to tell you that, there're many little things you could do to make it lovingly memorable. Let’s dive in the moment and spice up the evenings with fun, frolic and frisky activities as 'Tis the season to make #MonsoonMemories!


Here are some activities to add to your monsoon bucket list





If you love staycation and to enjoy things at home, then this would be a perfect plan for you. Call out your friends and family members; throw a monsoon-theme party. Call the party home and make a splash with gala time munching, and dancing in the rain. Pick and plug the evergreen #baarish songs clubbed with pitter-patter sound of dropping rain and let the magic and romance-filled playlist do the talking. Trust me, there’s no better way to relish and cherish the monsoon.


If you’re hosting a monsoon party, you’d need some good options to cater your buddies’ taste buds. You could use a barbeque and cook up a storm for the loved ones and it's so easy with the stylish new array of Prestige barbecue grills. So what are you waiting for? Let’s put that apron on and throw the Barbecue of the season.

Here are a few appetizing nibble options for you –


Want to add other interesting and appetizing monsoon recipes to your menu list? Click here to know more! 





Are you a desi at heart? Then you will surely enjoy the sip of kulhad chai and onion pakodas. As a matter of fact, pakodas with cutting-chai has become a synonym of monsoon for Indians and we all love to enjoy the good monsoon weather with a good company and good conversation.

We, the Indians, never say no to parties and love warm get-together with near and dears.

Celebrate this monsoon as a special occasion or just a fun party with our special recipes for dinner party at home for dips, fondues, meatballs, snack mixes and more party appetizer foods. 





 So you want to restrain behind the curtains of your comfort zone? We’ve an idea for you! Get comfy in your bed and let the words of wisdom float in your room. For those whose life revolves around famous artists like Milton, Shakespeare or else, take out the books from the shelves, let the coffee brew and you pass through the humps and hollows.

Mesmerise yourself with a great cup of coffee as making aroma-enriched filter coffee is now easy with Prestige Coffee Maker with its advance mesh filter, anti-drip mechanism, advanced brewing technology, water level indicator etc.





What could be more thrilling than Annabelle crawling out of her grave and you bite your fingers while munching popcorns? Surely Not! With monsoon favouring the moment, another time pass to hop on can be none other than hosting a movie night, probably a horror-thriller series. So, you can fill your bowls with popcorn and glass with smoothies and let the show go on.

Prestige Popcorn Maker gives you the freedom to pop  different flavours of popcorn in your kitchen within minutes. Go ahead! Give your audience the food they love; Now in a tastier, crunchier, healthier way.






We agree that for some of you, it’s not the ideal time to travel out. But for a few wanderlusts, it’s a wonderful opportunity to choose their favourite locales and make the journey worthwhile. If you fall into the latter category, we know what delight you more than anything – sightseeing, relaxing in the lap of nature and adventure accompanied with gentle winds, and light raindrops. 


No time for such big plans? Make smaller ones! As weekends offer a small but enough time to ploy an adventure, you could have your season full of memories to cherish. If you’d like to carry an appliance to cook smaller quantities of food, we have the exact match for your expectations - Prestige Multi Cooker which comes with smart features like temperature control, automatic cut-off for dry heating, ergonomic handle, stylish glass lid etc. thus making cooking a convenient task for you even if you’re out rejuvenating your inner self.


So pick a place less crowded, less noisy; pack your bags and play wild.


Wait a minute, don’t forget to pack your DSLR!


Feeling excited? Let the silly, adventurous and cheerful kid in you relish the soothing and pleasant breeze. So, go out, get drenched. For once leave your personal and professional issue and dance to the rhythm of the nature. We bet, your woes will wash away by the misty drizzle.


May your #MonsoonDiaries be filled with fervid stories – some good, some amusing and some naughty too!