Help Yourself, By Helping Others


So, when was the last time you offered your valuable time for someone else? Did you ever run an errand for a family or a friend in need?


And what about those who live in darkness, ever-burdened by endless responsibilities yet fail to settle the deals? What about those children who sells crackers & earthen diyas on the streets to earn a little money for their families? 


Don’t they have the right to relish the festive moments like we all do? Indeed, they have but the burden is too high for them to think any differently. So, why don’t we do something in this very moment and rekindle their imagination?


Well, we all want to! But a lot of us feel stressed and procrastinate the benignity events to a later time, making us oblivious of the fact that it's actually beneficial for our own mental health & wellbeing. And so we thought to shed some light on The Psychological Benefits of Helping Others


Here's a list of reasons why you must consider helping others -


Make A Difference - Make a difference in someone's life as your simple & small gesture could do wonders. And remember, generosity is contagious.

Spread Love, Spread Humanity - Spread what the world severely lacks. And Charity is a good way to prove that Love & Humanity still exists.

Experience Pleasure - As per Psychology Today, the ones who give charity & offer help others are more likely to have a positive life.

Join A Cause - Help an NGO or an Organization fight Immoral & Illicit in society. Can't give - No Problem. Just Volunteer!


The Psychological Benefits of Helping Others - 



  • A Sense of Belongingness - If you'd indulge yourself in charity events, you'd find yourself as a part of a social network, surrounded by benevolent volunteers and other new faces. Being open to such interpersonal interactions will lead to a sense of belongingness help reduce loneliness and isolation.


  • A different Perspective - Have you ever felt that you're missing something in your life, that you're less fortunate than friends?

    While it may comfort you that you're indeed more fortunate than many as there are people who can't even afford the basic necessities of life. it would help you with a real sense of perspective and compel you to look at things differently - stop focusing on what's missing & start appreciating what you've.


  • Reduces Stress & Negative Feelings - If you go out in the fields, the physical exercise will help reduce stress and boost your immune system, thus offering you mental catharsis in return of a simple favour.


  • Make Others Learn the Importance of Giving - Your simple act of kindness will motivate others to take up the initiative. It will create a chain of responsibility, thereby improving confidence, control, happiness and optimism. You'd become a beacon of hope for the indigent & necessitous people while an example of change for the society.