Detox the right way


Post - Diwali feasting calls for cleaning again. This cleaning would only make you light and full of energy unlike the Pre - Diwali cleaning which was only tiring and cumbersome.


A clean and easy detox plan would be the post - Diwali cleaning plan, which will rejuvenate and revitalize you, favoring great health and well-being. This method of cleansing would be a natural process and thus encouraging you to go for it.


Why Detox after Diwali?


Overindulging in sweets, fried foods, alcohol, sweetened beverages, poor quality of sleep due to late nights, no adequate time to exercise, etc are some of the several reasons that throw you off track, making you feel bloated, dull and overweight. Once the toxins are eliminated from your body, nutrition from healthy food would be adequately processed to be made available to nourish your entire body.


Would this be an intimidating plan?



A liquid diet, starving, no more favorite foods, etc - Are these factors going to be on the chart? Absolutely not! These factors would just make us miserable and nutritionally deficient. There is a place for our favorite food to be included in our diet plan to keep us happy and contented. The plan is not about eliminating but including the right foods and patterns in your lifestyle.


Detox Plan in a nutshell


Drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day to help flush out excess fat, toxins, and sugar out of your body. Throw in some lemongrass or mint, cucumbers and some lemon slices in your jug of water to help get rid of toxins from your body.


The right nutrition will boost the metabolic processes to throw out toxins from the body. The key is to include adequate carbs, fats, and proteins in right proportions and had at right intervals, that would be light and easily digested by your body. This plan would ward off unwanted cravings and motivate you to stick to healthy eating rather than guilty eating.


Eat more of your favorite fruits and vegetables in its raw natural form before meals, to get your enzymes churning to receive your cooked meal and digest it in the best way possible. Cucumbers aid in flushing out excess water and efficiently gets rid of bloating. Tomatoes being delicious, rich in antioxidants keeps diseases away and keeps you well hydrated. Get rid of issues like bloating, acidity, headaches, exhaustion with ease and discipline.


Play ignorant to the very existence of breads, pastas, biscuits, pastries for a while, because you have had your fill and are ready to invite natural sweet foods like fruits, jaggery, honey, berries to overcome your cravings. These foods cleanse your system beautifully, enriching your system at the same time.


Snack on nuts, seeds, and fruits between meals and feel proud of yourself.


Go slow on caffeinated beverages and sip more of green tea to feel rejuvenated. Don’t be surprised to watch your waistline shrinking in the process.

Sleep like a baby for a good 7-8 hours to recharge and recover from the indulgent feasting. Walk, cycle, swim, get stretching your uptight muscles to feel happy, light and energetic again.


Feel in charge of your physical and mental wellness this season following festivities. Conquer the greedy demon within that goes ravenous over heavy and fatty foods. After all, Diwali is Triumph of good over evil and you feel victorious all over again, adapting a great detox plan post-Diwali.