Food Digestion Time Chart


Every cell in our body demands an incessant stock & supply of calories and comes out in the form of strength & energy we need to play perfectly.


But what about the hindside of nutrient-breaking & absorption by our body? How long does your body take to digest the food you eat?


To simplify, understand it this way - the procedure where the food intake is broken down into tiny particles to be transferred through intestinal system & absorbed by our blood to feed the body with nutrients, strength & immunity.


Well, some take as much as seconds to be consumed while a few need hours to break into the molecular form. Here's another soul budding, through the usual - juice & drinks, with the specifics -



Here are a few bottom-line to understand & follow for a better, lavish lifestyle -


  • Avoid refrigerated, packaged juice or drinks available over the counter.
  • As meat products take a lot of time to digest, prepare & cook it nice & thoroughly.
  • Avoid having sweet-carbonated drinks and fill in the bottles with #veggie juices & soups.
  • Opt small meals rather than having foods with a long digestion time before calling it a day or for the first meal of the day.
  • The digestion time schedule's a rough estimate and much of it depends on the individual.


The Takeaway


Have a small, happy & healthy meal. Work out often and leave the stress and do get plenty of sleep. If you feel uncomfortable due to symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhoea, consult your family physician.