Svachh kitchen for a sparkling home


How important is your kitchen to you and how much do you love your kitchen? It is a space that is comforting to your senses and that offers comforting and mouth-watering delicacies to nourish you and your entire family's being.


Love takes root in your heart and then it manifests on your plate. Your creative juices flow to innovate dishes to win hearts and to lift up spirits.


So how do you maintain this lovely, roomy space that gives you the convenience of every gadget to complete your chores in a fulfilling manner?



An organized kitchen saves a lot of time and effort to put away stuff and to access them real quick whenever needed. When things are organized, tidiness and hygiene become a way of life. It sets events into motion in a controlled fashion rather than into chaos. Let us shed some light on organized ways:


  • Cutting boards and tools like knives, peelers, lemon squeezer, pizza cutter, can opener, scissors, etc are kept stashed away in compartments of pull outs to access easily.

  • Pressure cookers both induction and gas stove compatible ones, a myriad of elite cookware are stored in large drawers or pull-outs again. Non-stick pans and Tawas are hung on hooks to prevent scratches, to keep them handy and well-maintained.

  • Juicers, toasters, mixer-grinders, kettle, coffee-maker, etc have their allotted specific spots which can stay undisturbed and clean.

  • Hand blenders and the like can be wall-mounted to save space and to access in a jiffy.

  • Pulses, rice, flour are stored in transparent jars to access real quick with confidence. 

  • Cooking oil, clarified butter is stored in specific containers, seasonings and condiments that deliver dishes with the right punch stay close to you when you cook. 

  • Additional grocery items, seasonings, etc are kept organized in the pantry or in a special cupboard. 

  • Cleaning solutions, scrubs, mops, kitchen ladder are kept in a particular allocated place. With tidiness and organized ways, you will become aware of any item that you may run out of immediately.


Hygienic and Safe Ways



A clean kitchen helps begin your day on a hygienic note. A clean countertop, clean sink, clean gas stove, and clean pots and pans, clean cups and plates would be the way to go! How would you set this trend?


  • Wash your hands before you handle ingredients to begin preparing food. Safe food handling would be to wash the fruits, vegetables before chopping. Separate cutting boards and knives are used to handle meat and vegetables. The bacteria from the meat can get transferred to the vegetables, and cause serious illness.


  • Cooking is an art and the way to go would be to use a cooktop and cookware that avoids a mess, are easy to clean after use. One such pressure cooker worth mentioning is the “Prestige Svachh Pressure Cooker ''. It is one of a kind and India’s first such cooker that has a unique lid which prevents messy starchy water from flowing down the cooker. Thus a hygienic and a safe environment are maintained in the kitchen.


  • Svachh Cooker has heat resistant durable handles that keep you safe while cooking, is easy to maintain and ensures comfortable handling.

  • Pans with handles are placed on the back burners for safe cooking so that they don’t trip by accident. Handles should be kept turned away from the edge of the stove.

  • Gas Stove, Hob-Top, Induction Cooktops, Electric Stoves and the like are thoroughly cleaned post-cooking to keep your kitchen sparkling. 

  • The kitchen can be kept bug-free and odor-free with regular sweeping, floor cleaning, mopping of the floor with a good disinfectant so that all spills, stains, crumbs, sticky spots are addressed immediately. 

  • Used dishes are not kept piled up in the sink, or spread out on the counter for later clean-up. They are immediately cleared, washed, dried and stacked away. 

  • The sink is cleared of all the food remnants and cleaned with a good disinfectant.

  • Ensure there is no overflowing garbage bin that would attract odor and bugs. The wet and dry garbage should be diligently separated and securely tied garbage bags should be kept away for regular disposal.

  • The garbage container should be regularly cleaned on the interior and exterior before inserting the fresh garbage disposal bag.

  • No leftover food should lay around on the counter, gas stove or on the dining table. It should be immediately transferred into airtight containers and stored away in the refrigerator or freezer. Food becomes a substratum for microorganisms to grow and thrive.

  • The refrigerator and freezer are painstakingly cleaned and dried thoroughly once a month. No spillage should be entertained or open containers with food should be stored. Too much food in the fridge can restrict the air circulation in the fridge thus not letting it function to its full capacity.

  • Fresh kitchen cloth, washcloths should be used every day. They can harbor bacteria which can become a cause of infection in your kitchen. The used dirty ones should be regularly laundered.

  • Dish cleaning Scrubs and sponges should be meticulously washed away of food remnants and discarded periodically to regularly use new ones.

  • A fire extinguisher should be kept handy in case of a fire break out in the kitchen.  The fire extinguisher can be stored under a counter, or by an exit in the kitchen.

  • Every member of the family should be well versed with the use of the fire extinguisher.

A kitchen is a place where your heart and soul are set in. The sound of the cooker whistling, the idli cooker squealing, the air fryer or your oven beeping, the aroma of freshly baked oven goodies, the waft of freshly baked bread, the aroma of pulao from the rice cooker, the strong inviting aroma of freshly grilled sandwiches, kebabs, etc can enthral your senses for a satiating culinary journey. The soothing colors of your kitchen walls and of your various appliances make you feel very proud of your much-cherished space. This is one place where you are pampered and wish to pamper others.