Woman or Wonder-Woman


Women have been unmasking their inherent skills with the changing modern times to stand on the same successful platform as men. It’s no longer the question that can women step across the threshold of their homes to take up and fulfil those male-dominant roles today? Can they be on par with men? They have proved time and again that they have been equally skilful and efficient and more often even surpassed them. They have simultaneously been pretty efficient with chores at home and in the ability to bring up children as responsible human beings. It is time to reminisce on March 8th, 2020, the “Women’s International Day” to celebrate her spirit of being that glows in all walks of life. It is time to celebrate all her facets of sensitivity, beauty, charisma, poise, wisdom, intellect, endurance, courage, and determination.  


Are these only women-centric chores? What do women ponder on, for their counterparts to help with? Check them out: 


Would it be asking for too much to lay the table for a meal?


Can you clear the table and put away the left-over food in the refrigerator?


When your baby goes wailing at night, is it asking for too much to offer help in changing the diaper?


Can you drop the child at school if I am running late to work?


Can you help me to put a meal together?



Transformations for the new woman, respecting her very being


At the sound of the pressure cooker whistle, you can hear your partner call out - Should I lay the table, cutlery, and coasters?


There is a collective effort put in today by all family members to clear the table and store the left-over food away in the refrigerator.


There is no more screaming for help, the lights are switched on and the baby’s diaper is changed with each other’s presence contributing to the chore.


I can offer to drop our child to school if it makes it a less stressful morning?


Let’s come home early and put a meal together for fun times.



The bumpy road in her journey has evened out a lot better as women have traversed far ahead, taking up roles as never before! 


  • Women’s cricket team has taken shape with their passionate involvement as avid team sports players. The World cup has been coveted by them 9 times so far and now have been announced to be a part of 2022 Commonwealth games. 

  • The face of food-delivery start-ups has changed today witnessing women delivering food at doorsteps to fill hungry stomachs with complete efficiency. 

  • Calling for a cab or an auto and it arrives at your doorstep with a woman driver at the wheel can fill you with a sense of pride today. Women drivers are increasingly hired confidently to take charge of the wheel of your personal vehicle especially for women passengers, senior citizens, and children.  

  • Gender parity has infiltrated into the army where today women serve as “Army Commanders” to exhibit outstanding leadership qualities.  

  • Women with an artistic turn of mind can turn a metaphor into brick and mortar. They have proved themselves to be exceptional architects giving shape to cities and towns of grandeur and beauty.

  • Women have proved their success at being fantastic cinematographers moving heads and hearts of the audience in awe of their creation.


They have made their strong presence felt in areas of politics, the legal system, as mentors in counselling, education system, as compassionate nurses, entrepreneurs, heads of marketing teams, as data scientists, etc by transforming lives for a better tomorrow.


They come home at the end of a long and trying day to turn their house into a dream home, to create the right vibes for the family to stay cemented together. She encourages, motivates her children, elders of her home, keeping her home staff happy and contented to leave no stone unturned for a happy and fulfilled life. She has proved consistently that every experience has a concealed lesson to learn from, and sets a brilliant example that success is not a destination but a journey to accomplish challenging goals.