New Year Resolutions


New Year comes with the note of hope, a new beginning. So there is fresh enthusiasm, motivation to achieve those goals which you had brushed under the carpet with procrastination taking control over you. The New Year is a blessing in disguise as it signals to you that you sure don’t want to give up on yourself. The only person you can think of to evolve and turn a new leaf is Only You”. There you go, it is that simple! With a single positive thought, you are the master of your creation and miracles.


The list of New Year Resolutions


  • Learn to drive a car

  • Learn to prepare your favourite cake

  • Steal your grandma off to a soulful concert of retro music, which you keep putting off. 

  • Taking your dog at least one Sunday of a month to a dog party 

  • Learn to whistle at the movies when your favourite actor makes his first appearance

  • To host a lunch at an orphanage with your family on a special day

  • To take care of your skin regularly, and not to let your shelf keep piling up with exotic creams and lotions

  • To get your tummy tucked in by including specific exercises into your routine regime.

  • To care for yourself, remind yourself - You are important.

And the list goes on and on.


What would be the starting point?


Self-Discipline is your starting point. The word “No” is a sentence from start to finish and not a mere word. Say No


  • To sleeping in

  • To overeating

  • To avoid exercise

  • To take a breath of fresh air and sunshine in the wee hours

  • To binging on ice creams and chocolates before bed

  • To staying up late(no time limit) and getting up whenever

  • To not to dream - Believe in yourself


Create your miracles



The beauty of self-control is to take up one goal that you really are wanting to achieve, stick by it for at least 2 weeks, come what may, and see your life transforming ahead of you. One achievement will ignite the spark in you to accomplish your feat. Sure, it is a miracle created by you. Say, you want to wake up early at 5 am every morning, you just struggle with it for the first 3-4 days and then there you are smooth sailing. 


The secret behind your miracles


  • You are clear and specific, this is what you want to achieve. 

  • This is a priority

  • You set a timeline to stick by it, and see yourself through its end. If you are in the middle of a tunnel, you will have to journey through it, so you may as well with a large heart and a determined head charged with positive thoughts.

  • Your internal conversation with yourself has to be singled out with the visual delight of how you see yourself with what you want to achieve. Say you see yourself fitting into a large size T-shirt from an extra-large T-shirt within an achievable time frame. Don’t reaffirm what you are. You will only get more of what you already have.

  • If you are not achieving your goal, or see it coming crashing down, don’t beat yourself up. Instead of squirming in guilt and abusing yourself, just check where you have gone wrong and take steps to modify your actions. It is like, you have taken a particular medicine to overcome your illness, would you just sit and abuse yourself, why you took that particular medicine and continue to be sick? Rather you would take another pertaining medicine, modify your diet till you recover and become strong.

  • Never feel sorry for yourself, you deserve better than that. You have all the courage, knowledge and wisdom deep within you, draw it out with a plunge, being sick of being stuck at the same spot.

  • The goals you want to achieve should be unique to you, what you yearn for. It should not be like achieving something because your friends or family rave about it. This is meant “only for special you”, not for pleasing anyone else.


Making resolutions is a beautiful thought. It brings on a smile on your face and irons out the worrisome frown and crinkling on your face. It changes your body language. You realize that just by the thought of what you desire can make you happy, imagine how jubilant you would be when you accomplish it. Let not the vision of your goal ever blur and stay steadfast on your path as you move strides ahead, which will continue to keep believing in yourself.