Eat Healthy Stay Active


Spending a lot of time in Home due to recent updates? 


Given the circumstances, it is indeed necessary to follow a strict & healthier routine to stay fine fettle. And what would be a better way to replace your old eating habits with new ones - the delicious, nutritious recipes, bursting with essential supplements to make you feel good inside & out, both mentally & physically. 


Planning & preparing meals three times a day is a tiring job & so does starting a new exercise program. But one small change at a time would definitely do the trick. So here are a few game-changing schemes you should begin as of now - 


Limit sugar-sweetened confectionery & beverages



Say no to carbonated drinks & sugar-sweetened confectionery. Instead, drink homemade smoothies and eat nature's candy. Make soothing smoothies with Prestige Mixer Grinder which is designed to provide you with an unmatched mixing experience. 


Drink plenty of water



To stay hydrated, boost metabolism, keep a check on your body temperature and weight control, you must drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. The water we drink every day isn’t safe unless it’s purified using an advanced purification process. Choose Prestige Water Purifier which removes harmful bacteria, protozoa and cysts from the water. 


Move More, Exercise More



If you ain't able to follow a standard, structured exercise routine, there's no issue at all. We're just asking you to get up and live your life. Don't fall prey to laziness or search for excuses. Get up early, do your household chores on time & that's enough. 


As Always, More Veggies & Fruits


Due to its high fibre content & enriched with essential vitamins & minerals, consider more veggies & fruits. It's better to avoid any meat products for a few months. As the vegetables & fruits we get from the market are coated with pesticides, insecticides & other harmful chemicals, we recommend the use of Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner to get rid of the harmful pollutants & allergens.


Clean up Your Surroundings


As recommended, do keep your home & surroundings clean. Use of disinfectants is suggested. Use Air Purifiers to contain & safeguard your family’s health from the airborne dust particles & harmful pollutants like hair, gases, bacteria and viruses. 


Take Precautionary Measures


As per the WHO guidelines, wash your hands with soap/sanitizers frequently; practice respiratory hygiene and do keep a check on your health issues. If you suffer from any kind of infections or so, consult your family doctor immediately. 


While you’re self-quarantined, you can enjoy quality time with your friends & family members. You could plan a family date night, cook delicious meals together, do some fun activities with your kids. If there’s something else that falls in your #ToDoList, let us know your thoughts/ideas. 


We’ve survived the first week. We’ll do another. Stay Safe. Stay Indoors.