Express Your Love Share Her Concerns


Times are never harsh when your unending home chores are shared amongst family members. With work being carried out at home, and everyone is at home, with no possibility of ordering in or dining at a restaurant, it becomes a burden on the homemaker if it is only on her to keep everyone not only happy but also content and fulfilled. It becomes a joyous affair when help is offered to her voluntarily rather than her having to demand the chores to be done. These are the times when the family comes together as a whole unit as they understand each other more deeply and shoulder the responsibilities with love and care. 


Keep her smiling - do not ask for trouble!



What you should not do:


  • Where is the sugar jar? Instead, get a hold on yourself and know where the regular household items are kept so that you can not only make use of them without being a hassle but also to replace it back in its place.

  • Have we run out of tea or coffee? Keep a track of the stocked up items and in fact, fill up the jar of tea or coffee when it is used up.


How would you make her feel special?

  • Fixing a leaky tap or flush with your skillset, can keep her from panicking about the overhead tank from emptying out.

  • Set the dining table before meals, store away the leftovers in the refrigerator after meals.

  • Come up with innovative and simple ideas to put a meal together, she always runs out of ideas about what to prepare that is pleasing to the entire family. In fact, go one step ahead, help her to prepare delicious side dishes that would add to the feast. Like a dip, a salad, a chutney, a salad or even a dal, etc.

  • Get her involved with TV shows that an entire family can watch together instead of only letting her toil with unending home chores all by herself. Let her know it is okay to let go of some chores, it is not the end of the world.




  • Each family member washing up their own cups and plates can avoid the heaping up of the kitchen sink let alone lending a helping hand to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.

  • Every family member can take turns to light an oil lamp when dusk makes its presence felt before switching on the lights to illuminate your home.

  • Each family member throwing in their own clothes in the washing machine and switching on the washing cycle instead of waiting for this regular affair to be taken care of automatically.

  • Shutting the porch light on waking up the next morning with sunlight brightening the day for you. Showing sensitivity to wastage should be shouldered by each family member rather than being indifferent to little but important aspects of your home.



  • Everyone can chip in to carry out one chore or the other so that your home becomes a haven instead of one chaotic snarl.


How would you strike a perfect understanding?


  • Find out which chore is likable or doable and let that particular family member carry it out. Like for example, clearing the table by one, laying out the cutlery by the other, putting away dishes for wash, carrying out the trash outside, making a list of shopping articles that are needed to be replenished, paying the electricity bill, washing the car, etc.

  • If the chores are demanding or putting off, let a team of family members handle it together as a team before settling into their respective comfort zones.



Running a home is a way of baring your heart for one another, to show how much you care, to show that each family member is a priority for one another. No matter how tiring or relentless the chores are, you are still willing to make one’s favorite dishes, to buy one’s favorite biscuits or even looking into affairs that are so conveniently shrugged away for another day that never dawns for that particular affair. It is time to keep this lamp of love always lit that can dispel the darkness of trying and challenging times with certainty and ease.