The New Normalcy


The pandemic Covid-19 has brought about a sea of changes concerning our priorities, embracing simplicity in lifestyle and accepting every available scenario with a positive attitude, bringing families closer and appreciating small things which were taken for granted. 


The new order

  • Safety, quality, hygiene, and health, etc have become our guiding factors to steer our lives into a routine way of living. 

  • There is an increase in the virtual workforce, where people are actively working from home. Travel time is saved, fatigue from travel has been overcome, air pollution is drastically reduced, fuel is saved, etc.

  • Digital commerce has skyrocketed. People prefer doorstep delivery with the least contact and exposure.

  • Crowding at retail outlets are avoided, isolation is being maintained with co-operation among the public becoming the norm. Health screening is carried out as a routine way of operation at these outlets. 

  • The use of masks, sanitizers, washing hands with care, has become a lifestyle. 

  • Sanitizing every item that makes way into the house, washing the bags used for marketing, sanitizing door handles and knobs have changed the cleaning patterns at home.



Buyer’s Mindset in the present scenario



  • Conserving the use of essentials is being adapted at home, to avoid frequent stepping out of the house to buy stuff.

  • The home set-up has become more organized. Making maximum use of ingredients at home to make the best of dishes is followed.

  • With dropping pay scales, consumers have become wary of what they choose and buy only what is absolutely necessary.


Home scenario

  • Homemade food is being appreciated and preferred to restaurant food. 

  • Food chores are being simplified. Lesser utensils are used for food preparation unlike the previous usage pattern. 

  • The workload is being shared among family members as every chore is carried out at home from start to finish. 

  • Every kitchen appliance like the electric rice cooker, electric kettle, milk boiler, induction cooktop, induction cooktop utensils has been used to the maximum potential to conserve energy and to avoid calling for gas cylinders more often. 

  • Cooking a variety to satisfy cravings has become a family affair where every individual member is more than willing to chip in to put a meal together.

  • Healthy snacking has become crucial to stop the piling up of inches on the waistline. One-pot recipes in the oven, healthy baking of cookies, natural fruit ice-creams, baking of a variety of breads at home has brought out the little master chef in you.


How Prestige is adapting to the times



  • Prestige Xclusive stores in the vicinity are providing the service of doorstep delivery the choice of appliances and cookware to the customer at their request.

  • At the e-commerce website, the customer can enter their pin code and a list of nearby stores would be displayed for the customers to access as per their convenience for delivery of their choice of requisites.


The customer's requirements are thus satisfied without the need of stepping out. The lockdown has miraculously taught us to adapt, overcome challenges, doubts, and fears to live a more healthy and fulfilled life.