Working Environment


At Prestige, people are our stronger assets. It is our people who drive our customer-centric initiatives. It is the people who ignite our business with passion. Our growth is testimony to our team's loyalty, professionalism and commitment.

As part of our corporate philosophy, our human resources are considered the essential key to success. A special impetus is given to nurturing and strengthening this vital campaign of the company. The following activities are undertaken in pursuance of that vision;

  • Specialised and refresher training for Employee development.
  • Key focus is given for developing organization and team working abilities.
  • The approach towards employees is accented towards empowerment rather than controls.
  • Employees are inspired and encouraged to improvise and innovate rather than follow established procedures.
  • Self-motivation workshops are conducted at regular intervals.
  • People are motivated by reward and recognition practice through effective Target Setting Process and Performance Management System.

The entire Human Resources philosophy works towards building a satisfying career for all employees and not just jobs. We believe only a happy satisfied employee can bring fruition to our vision with purpose.