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Feature Set

Timer Function:

The timer function gives you the freedom to set the timer up to 4 minutes, which means you can focus on other things rather than waiting by the mixer grinder.

Feature Set

One Touch Operation:

In single touch of “AUTO” button all the required function for grinding like Whip / pulse(for set right the uneven load) and increase in speed gradually(for proper grinding) in the mixer grinder.

Feature Set

DC Supply Operation of Universal Motor:

Unlike the ordinary Mixer grinders, this motor operates in Direct Current supply which produces lesser heat and uniform torque compared to Alternative current supply.

Feature Set

Digital Overload protection:

This is an Electronically controlled Over load protection which will never allow the Motor to run in the over load(running above the rated power) condition by cut off the motor supply immediately.

Automatik Mixer Grinder

Just in a push of the button, the Prestige Automatik Mixer Grinder will take care of all the grinding for you. Leave behind the days of twisting knobs and waiting by the grinder all the time. This intelligent grinder senses the load and automatically sets the time and grinding level to give you perfect results every time. It is also equipped with an electronically controlled overload protection system for added durability and efficiency!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean the Automatik mixer grinder? Is it okay to use soap in it?

It can be cleaned with semi-wet soft cloth from outside , whereas the jars can be cleaned with soapy water.

What is the use of the Auto button?

When “AUTO” button is pressed, the Mixer grinder starts with Pulse for few minutes and gradually increase up to 3rd Speed. The display shows as “On”. It can be switched off any time by pressing the “CANCEL / PAUSE” button.

What is the OL Symbol displaying on my grinder?

This Automatik mixer grinder is embedded an electronically controlled over load protection, which does not allow the grinder to run above the rated power of 750 Watts. In case of overload the mixer grinder stops with the display showing “OL”.

How can i make use of the timer function?

The timer can be set to the “AUTO” mode by pressing the “TIMER” button with the range of 1 to 4 mins (Max). The unique programme will allow to set the timer after deducting the already elapsed time.

Can I pour hot water into the Automatik mixer grinder ?

Anything above the temperature of 80 degree C can damage the jars.

Do I get a warranty on the Automatik mixer grinder?

The Automatik mixer grinder comes with a warranty of 5 years on the motor.