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The best gift to your family would be great health and Prestige CleanHome Ozoniser makes this plausible. It is a sleek appliance that uses Ozone purification technology with which it gets rid of harmful chemicals, bacteria and fungus from fruits, vegetables, cereals and meats.

TUV Rheinland, the leading international laboratory has certified the genuinity of Prestige Ozoniser, stating that it gets rid of more than 90% of the harmful chemicals and pesticides from the food consumables.

An Unforgettable Experience

It is simple. It just needs to be plugged in, and the air-stone pipe that generates Ozone, is immersed in water along with the fruits, vegetables or pulses which needs purification for 10-30 minutes. The result would be fresh, clean and healthy consumables that retain their nutritional value.


Feature Set

No More Chemicals and Pesticides

The Ozone Purification Technology removes the chemicals and pesticides while retaining its nutritional value.

Feature Set

Kills Harmful Bacteria

The high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill harmful bacteria, fungus and other pathogens

Feature Set

Keeps Food Fresh

The Ozoniser restores flavour and taste of the food and extends the life of the food.

Feature Set

Deodorizes Meat and Seafood

Keeps meat and seafood fresh and clean by removing odour from them.

Feature Set

Timer Functions

An automatic timer lets you preset the time 10 to 30 minutes depending on your requirement.

Feature Set

Zero Maintenance

No part of this product requires any replacement and it does not have to be serviced either.

Benefits at a Glance

  • It works independently with its timer function when you multi task in the kitchen.
  • The Ozone purification technology gets rid of harmful pathogens and hazardous chemicals from your foodstuffs which cannot be normally washed away under running water.
  • The nutritional value of meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, cereals and lentils are retained, while the adulterants and pathogens are effectively removed.
  • The unpleasant odour is removed along with the dirt and harmful germs from the meat and seafood.
  • It is a “Zero Maintenance” device, where there are no replacement of parts or servicing hassles. Being a compact and portable device, the Ozoniser can be mounted on the wall or operated at a convenient location of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Ozoniser to get rid of the chemicals and germs from the fruits and vegetables? Can’t they be just cleaned under running water?

No, the harmful chemicals and germs can’t be washed away under running water. The O3 purification technology creates a powerful ozone gas. Every molecule in the ozone gas carries 3 oxygen atoms. When these atoms come in contact with the surface of the fruits and vegetables it neutralises the pesticides and bacteria present on it and also gets rid of other impurities making your fruits and vegetables completely chemical and bacteria free.

Which are the different food consumables that can be purified using the Ozoniser?

Fruits, vegetables, cereals, lentils, meat and seafood can be cleansed and purified using the Ozone purification technology.

Does the nutritional value get lost along with the harmful chemicals and germs?

The purification technology only gets rid of the harmful pesticides and chemicals, retaining the nutritive value of the food.

Can I re utilize the water in which the food items have been purified in the Ozoniser?

No, you should not be using the same water for any other purposes. It should strictly be discarded after use.

Does the Ozoniser extend the life of the food consumables?

By removing harmful chemicals and bacteria from the food, the Ozoniser keeps the food items fresh for a longer time.

Is the Ozoniser tedious to operate?

It is very simple to operate the Ozoniser. Just plug the power cord in, immerse the air-stone pipe ( releases Ozone gas) within the bowl containing the foodstuffs immersed in water and set the timer from 10-30 minutes and the purification is carried out automatically.

Do you have to participate in the cleansing process of the Ozoniser or does it perform automatically?

Set the timer function anywhere from 10-30 minutes and the Ozoniser does the purification for you independently.

Does the Ozoniser require frequent servicing or any replacements?

No, there is no requirement of replacement of any parts and no servicing required for the Ozoniser.

Is the Ozoniser a certified and genuine product ?

TUV Rheinland, the leading international laboratory has certified Prestige Ozoniser to effectively remove more than 90% of harmful chemicals and pesticides from the foodstuffs

Does the Ozoniser get rid of bacteria, chemicals and other pathogens?

The high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill harmful bacteria, fungus and other pathogens.

Is the Ozoniser designed as a compact space saving device? Does it fit into your modern kitchen as a niche product?

The Ozoniser is a compact and portable device that can be mounted on the wall or operated anywhere from your place of convenience.

Can the device be used to purify air or anything else?

No. It is mandatory to submerge the airstone in the bowl filled with water and it should not be dislodged while in use. Hence, it should not be used outside water.


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