Svachh Pressure Cooker

Bring home a cooker that helps you keep the kitchen clean and safe. The Prestige spillage control cooker comes with a unique lid that contains any spillage that might occur during the course of cooking and prevents the messy liquid from dripping down. Moreover, it comes with an anti-bulge induction base that ensures the base of this pressure cooker will never disfigure or bulge, ensuring long-lasting utility.


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Prestige Svachh pressure cooker has unique lid which is designed to prevent the messy starchy water from flowing down the cooker.

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The safety element ensures that you cook safe. The mini metallic safety plug melts to let out steam, when there is excess pressure or temperature inside the cooker.

Feature Set


The pressure cooker comes with durable heat resistant handles. They are designed for durability, easy holding and maintenance.

Feature Set


Prestige Svachh Pressure Cooker comes with Anti-Bulge induction base. It ensures the base of this pressure cooker will never disfigure or bulge, ensuring long lasting utility.


Advantages of Svachh Pressure cooker

1. The Svachh Pressure Cookers allows you to pressure cook without any spillage over the concave dent.
2. Any spillovers will be collected, ensuring that the froth stays on the lid.
3. The Svachh Pressure Cooker keeps you & your hands safe from hot, messy fluids.
4. With no spills, you don't have to spend much time in your kitchen, cleaning the mess.
5. The Svachh Pressure Cookers ensures that your induction and gas stoves surface area doesn't get affected by the hot spillovers.
6. The Svachh Pressure Cooker is available in aluminium, stainless steel and hard anodised variants

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