Air Frying Technology

Hot air with controlled pressure and temperature is evenly circulated around the food to be cooked such that, the food turns out to be crispy and well cooked with minimal oil to give you great taste and satisfaction.

The Air frying technology can be used for frying, baking, roasting and grilling your favourite recipes


Advanced Digital Control Panel

The Advanced Digital Control Panel holds the “brains” of the Prestige Air Fryer. The Illuminated buttons offer manual choices for setting the time and temperature and pre-set choices for various types of frying.


Timer and Temperature Controls

Time timer and temperature control panel allows you to change the temperature or time by pressing the Time/ Temp Button and the UP or DOWN arrows to make the desired changes.


Preset Menus

The intelligent preset menu helps you to prepare a wide variety of recipes without any extra supervision.


Oil and Smoke Filter

The oil and smoke filter helps in reducing the smoke and odour while you cook. It helps your kitchen to stay fresh and oil free.


Sturdy Carry Handle

The sturdy carry handle makes the Air Fryer a portable appliance for you which can be carried anywhere.


Specially Designed Frying Basket

The frying basket has been designed specially keeping in mind the Indian food habits. It helps in soaking the extra oil from your recipe which keeps it healthy.


Safety Buttons

The safety button feature helps you to keep your frying basket locked when it's buttoned on.


Benefits at a Glance

Nutritive value of food is retained, as no deep frying takes place, and the food is tasty too! Is compact and carried easily with the help of its sturdy carry handle. Prestige Air Fryer can be easily carried to your favourite location, like to your terrace or to your friend’s home too.
The Auto switch off and the Timer gives you the freedom to be not bound to the kitchen. You don’t have to supervise and control the entire cooking process, It is automatically taken care of by the Prestige Air Fryer! Easy to operate and handle.
Grill, Bake and Roast in Prestige Air Fryer without the extra oil or butter that you would otherwise use in an conventional oven. Healthy food can be prepared with minimal oil .
There is relatively no mess during and after the cooking process. Prepared food is easily digestible.
Easy to clean and maintain. The Frying basket and the Crumb basket are Dishwasher safe and very convenient to clean.

Let's get you cooking with Prestige Air Fryer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I prepare in the air fryer?

A wide variety of Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and Sweet dishes can be prepared. You can refer to the list of recipes above. The Prestige Air fryer can cook everything that you normally fry, roast, grill or bake.

How much food can I prepare in Prestige Air Fryer?

From a minimum of 100gms to maximum of 500gms of Food items like chips , nuggets , cutlets , samosas etc. can be easily cooked in the Prestige Air Fryer.

How does the Prestige Air Fryer work?

The technology used here is to cook the food uniformly and efficiently with Hot air circulated around the ingredients, evenly under pressure such that there is little or no oil dabbed on the food ingredients. Thus the food cooked will have upto 80% less fat compared to the conventional method of deep frying.

Why is airfrying better than conventional frying?

Conventional Frying makes you avoid your favourite food items like Crispy Fries, samosas etc. as they are deep fried .With the Prestige Air Fryer, little or no oil is used, reducing the fat content up to 80 %, thereby making your favourite fried food healthy as well as tasty.

How well do the ingredients prepared in Prestige Air Fryer turn out?

The food items turn out Crispy on the exterior and well done on the inside as the Hot air being circulated around the ingredients cooks them evenly and rapidly.

Does cooking in Prestige Air Fryer impact the nutritional value of food?

The food cooked in the Prestige Air Fryer is healthier than other cooking methods as the maximum temperature the food is subjected to, is only 200 degrees vis-a-vis the higher temperatures while deep frying etc. Thus the air fried food retains most of its nutritive values.

Do I need to preheat the Prestige Air Fryer?

Preheating the Prestige Air Fryer for approximately 4 minutes would ensure that the Prestige Air Fryer has achieved the required temperature before you start cooking. Without preheating, the amount of time required to cook your recipe can increase upto 3 minutes, as the Prestige Air Fryer will take some time to achieve the temperature required to cook your recipe.

Does it take time to cool down?

Yes, the Prestige Air Fryer will indeed take some time to cool down. A good idea will be to remove the Frying Basket from the Prestige Air Fryer and insert in water to cool it down. The Prestige Air Fryer itself should take about 30 to 40 minutes to cool down.

Is it safe to keep the Prestige Air Fryer on the kitchen counter?

One needs to take care of the following guidelines when deciding where to place the Prestige Air Fryer:

  1. Prestige Air Fryer is required to be kept on a table or a flat working platform in a well ventilated area.
  2. Do not place the Prestige Air fryer near a heat or fire source or near curtains or other combustible items.

Yes, the Prestige Air Fryer can be safely kept on the kitchen counter provided the above guidelines are met.

What are the precautions needed while cooking in the Prestige Air Fryer?

  1. The crumb basket should not be filled with more food contents than the recommended quantity as the end result would be unsatisfactory.
  2. The air inlet and air outlet of the Prestige Air Fryer should never be covered during the cooking process.
  3. The crumb basket should not be used without the Frying basket and the crumb basket should never be filled with oil, which may cause a fire hazard.