Winter Carnival



Woollens, of course, keep you warm and protected through the winters. But what is that which lifts your spirits and warms your heart? Freshly baked ginger cookies, coffee walnut cakes, Apple Muffins, Healthy Banana Breads, etc can gather the family around cold winter evenings to warm up the atmosphere. With barbecue parties thrown on your terrace, you can prepare grilled delights like chicken, fish, paneer tikka, vegetables, corn etc along with laughter and charged up music.


Make healthy choices this winter using your much-cherished appliances like Prestige Oven Toaster Griller and not to forget the barbecue too. Winter festivities and holidays fill you up with treats that may just make you heavier by the end of the season without you even realizing it. It is not difficult to choose foods that keep you warm and happy, at the same time that watches your calories too.




Garlic Bread, Baked Tortilla Chips, Pizzas with layers of cheese and favourite toppings, Macaroni and cheese can be great treats for close gatherings. When a hassle free and easy to use Oven is at your service, there is more enthusiasm put into preparing your favourite foods. The Rotisserie of the Oven Toaster Griller promotes even cooking, also that helps to make your ingredients easy to baste, tender and moist. The heater select control helps you to grill and bake to perfection.


Get pampered with Prestige Barbecue too for it is portable, easy to assemble and maintain. The warming rack helps you to space out your spread evenly to relish coal-based cooking done with convenience and ease.


This winter got even better with a lovely offer of flat 25% off on the MRP of both the Oven Toaster Griller and the Barbecue. This offer extends generously from 15th December 2017 to 31st January 2018. So make your festive winter more joyous and for your loved ones too, by gifting them.