Clip Mop – PNM 02

Bring home Prestige Cotton Clip-Mop, the best and the quickest way to clean your home. Prestige introduces yet another product in the Clean Home Range - Cotton Clip-Mop that gives a neat look to the floor after mopping.

  • Made with highly absorbent cotton,  this mop ensures that just a single stroke works its magic on the floor without leaving any traces of excess water.

  • On account of the premium quality plastic used, it is certain to keep going for quite a while that too without being too heavy on your hands. So now cleaning your home doesn't remain an exhausting task.  

  • The long handle of this mop gives you a solid grip and makes cleaning easy and  less time consuming.

  • Now you don't have to replace your mop stick frequently. Just fix a new cotton head to your mop once the old one is worn out using the clip function.


So easy to clean - It feels like magic