Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner


With Prestige Ozoniser as part of our modern kitchen, we could have health in our hands. It offers a very simple and effective way to purify the foods we consume every day ranging from cereals, meats to fruits and vegetables.


The Ozoniser gets rid of the hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, bacteria, fungi and others using the Ozone purification technology. The fruits and vegetables are first washed in running water and then immersed in a large bowl with water covering them. The Ozoniser is plugged in, the air-stone pipe is immersed in the bowl for a timer preset from 10-30 minutes. The high voltage electricity generates ozone to kill the harmful germs and chemicals to give us fresh, clean and healthy food items.


It gets rid of dirt, bacteria from meats and seafood, it cleanses rice and lentils of adulterants. The amazing feature is it retains the nutritional value of the foodstuffs.


It is an aesthetic and sleek appliance that can be mounted on the wall of your kitchen or placed over your kitchen counter. Having compartments to store the air-stone pipe and the power cord, it is safely kept away from pests and remains infection free.

It is a maintenance-free appliance that works independently with an automatic timer to offer safety and health to your family.