Prestige SmartChef

Prestige SmartChef is an online recipe portal, allowing you to add your favorite recipes and cooking tips and share it on a global platform. The concept of Prestige SmartChef is pretty simple - contribute recipes and stand a chance to become a Prestige Champion, and ultimately a 'SmartChef'. The Prestige SmartChef website also serves as an exhaustive food glossary, displaying Hindi and English names of ingredients and preparation methods, used mainly in Indian kitchens.

The objective of the campaign is to promote the culinary skills of Prestige users and provide them a platform for exhibiting their talent while rewarding them for the same. The campaign also aims to create a community of sorts of people who enjoy cooking and innovating.

Prestige SmartChef currently holds more than 850 recipes, 250 cooking tips, and over 2500 registered users. The website sees about 8,500 monthly visitors with unique visitors as high as 7,700 users.

The Prestige SmartChef website is a growing site with more organic users coming to site in search of recipes and information related to ingredients and cookware. The website is expected to see an exponential growth during the Christmas and New Year contest.