Prestige Citrus Juicer allows you to extract maximum juice out of your favourite juicy citrus fruits. It is equipped with 2 interchangeable cones, one small one for extracting juice from limes and the other bigger one to juice citrus fruits. The unique 2-way spin feature allows getting maximum yield from every fruit and avoids wastage. The transparent lid is used to cover the top cone part of the juicer when not in use for hygiene purposes.
The detachable pulp collector makes cleaning easy. The 1-litre transparent juice collector (PCTJ 03) comes with a marking to keep you informed about the quantity of juice collection. The juicer jar is detachable too, again giving you the convenience of easy maintenance.

Go for this elegant juicer which is inviting to get into healthy juicing habits. It is simple to use and easy to maintain.