Introducing the first of its kind water purifier that gives you Pure water!

Prestige LifeStraw, Pure and Vegetarian Water, TTK Prestige,

TTK Prestige, India's No. 1 kitchen appliances company launches its latest product, a water purifier that only gives you Pure water. The trusted brand of generations, has partnered with Lifestraw SA, a renowned Swiss company for providing a state-of-art technology for the water purifier - Prestige LifeStraw.

But, What is Pure Water?

The most common method of water purification is boiling, thereby killing all germs by chemicals and by using high end filtration. The germs in the water are bacteria, protozoan cysts and most importantly Virus. Boiling will kill germs but the killed germs are still in water, not making it vegetarian water. Killing with chemicals is another way. This process involves introducing chemicals to kill germs and then removing the chemical from water. But again the killed germs still remain in water. 

Prestige LifeStraw uses Ultra filtration with hollow fibre technology that physically REMOVES all virus, bacteria and Cysts, leaving only pure water with NO germs, dead or alive in it. 

What makes this purifier a great buy?

  1. Pure water
  2. No Chemicals used
  3. One Year Cartridge life - Low running and maintenance cost
  4. Easy to change cartridge - No service mechanic required
  5. Highest Purity of water purification - Passes the US EPA standard
  6. Unique Hollow fiber technology for Ultra filtration - Physically removes all the germs
  7. No Electricity needed
  8. Retains all essential minerals

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