Some Gifts Mean a Lot More

This festive season, reward your people with Prestige products and enrich them with gifts that are best suited to them. Prestige is the only total kitchen solutions brand in the country that offers you such a vast range of products to help you choose that perfect gift hamper. It is perfect for institutions and businesses that reward not only employees but associates and customers too.

Make that Special day even more special and memorable by selecting a great gift from Prestige Smart Kitchen store. Take a peek at the range of products that are waiting to be gifted.

  1. To add Glamour to your kitchen, what better way than to gift an Apple Duo Plus Cooker, which comes with a Hard anodised Body and an Elegant Stainless Steel lid.
  2. Bring exclusivity with the new Xclusive range of Stainless Steel cookware, with the new alpha induction base.
  3. An innovative product to enhance the nutritive value of your health would be Prestige Microchef, a microwave pressure cooker.
  4. Omega Die Cast Plus Multipurpose Tawa to add more flavour and aroma to those special Burgers, Dosas, Parathas etc.
  5. The new Omega Deluxe Granite Cookware for an excellent experience for non-stick cooking.
  6. Dura-Plus Kadai for those special Chinese Items you want to cook.
  7. A brand new range of bottles and flasks which are safe, stylish and hygienic.
  8. Pop-up Toasters to add Zeal to your Breakfast.
  9. Pressure Handis for uniformly cooking delicious curries for special occasions.
  10. Coffee Makers to add that zing to your life.
  11. Juicers to rejuvenate your energy levels.
  12. Hand Blenders to make your chores quicker and convenient.
  13. Oven Toaster Grillers to prepare that favourite dish of yours with controlled calories.
  14. Induction Cook Tops for flame free cooking and faster cooking where the timer facility ensures you don't stay kitchen bound.
  15. Rice Cookers to make your mouth savouring Biryanis and Pulaos.
  16. Sandwich Toasters to make your children's tiffin boxes more interesting.

Before you get lost in the wide range of Prestige's products, pick up that Prestige Gift card and give your Loved ones the Freedom to bring home their choice. This Gesture would bring Festive Joy to your Loved ones.

For institutional enquiries, mail to and we will get in touch with you for customising your gifts.

Visit the Prestige Smart Kitchen website on to view and select Giftable Goodies.