Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite - Product Launch


Prestige  Granite cookware is India’s first 5 layered Non -stick cookware with a superior easy release on -stick surface designed to last 3 times more than any other non-stick cookware.

The Granite cookware comes with a range of cookware that helps you speed up your cooking and also to suit your cooking needs. The range consists of Fry pan, Kadai, Milk Pan, Omni Tawa and Stock Pot with Glass lids to easily monitor your cooking and to retain the moisture. The Granite spatter coat is very enduring and is PFOA Free, no toxic fumes released at high temperatures. With a stain free interior surface and stylish look,  you can flaunt it by preparing and serving food in it.

The easy release non-stick surface allows you to get away with the least amount of oil you could possibly use while cooking. The ceramic-reinforced on -stick coating based on German technology,  lends metal spoons to be used freely as it is scratch resistant. Prestige Granite cookware is compatible with both Gas and Induction top cooking. There is ease of cleaning as there is no food clinging to the surface and it is dishwasher safe too. Prestige Granite Cookware is more durable and sustainable. Prestige Granite Cookware last 3 times more than regular non-stick cookware. Prestige Granite Cookware also offers warranty for 2 years in a row. 

With the range of Prestige Granite cookware available, you can speed up your cooking by stir frying vegetables in the frying pan, preparing your choice of sauce in the sauce pan, by boiling pasta in the stockpot and using the Omni Tawa for roasting bread etc with the least butter or oil, all simultaneously.