Prestige GKH CN


Prestige ushers in the latest in the chimney collection being the Prestige Royale Glass Kitchen Hood 600 CN.  It is glamorous in its design, having a conical stainless steel filter with a centrally located oil collector for easy maintenance. The suction capacity is up to 1100 cubic meter per hour making it a super efficient performer in your kitchen keeping it hygienic and smoke-free. It's powerful 200 watts motor works effectively to keep your kitchen fresh and odour free. It is easy to operate with its easy push buttons. The high-quality heat resistant tempered glass panel gives it an elegant finish, durability and encourages easy maintenance. Enjoy a lifetime warranty with this kitchen hood fulfilling your requirements of a modern kitchen.


You have the choice of Prestige Kitchen Hood GKH 900 CN also to suit your requirements. This kitchen Hood has a wider coverage with the same powerful suction capacity of 1100 cubic meter per hour. The 180 watts motor adds efficiency to its functionality with its comfortable easy push buttons.


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