Prestige Sandwich Toaster PSMFD 01




Healthy and delicious sandwiches are made quick and easy with the new Prestige Sandwich Toaster (PSMFD 01). It has a unique design with a heat resistant bakelite body to keep your hands protected during use. The power indicators guide you to use it with precision. It indicates the end of the toasting process for you to take out the perfectly toasted sandwiches.


You get crispy triangular shaped sandwiches sandwiches with perfect crust to satisfy those hunger pangs.


The die-cast aluminium sandwich plates are fixed and extremely durable, which make classic crispy triangular shaped sandwiches. These are non-stick coated and require minimal oil to prepare healthy sandwiches with your choice of fillings. They are easy to clean after every use due to the high-performance non-stick coating. This convenient and elegant sandwich maker comes to your rescue to fulfill your crispy cravings stuffed with the goodness of health.