Prestige Kitchen Hood GKH 900 AE


Prestige Kitchen Hood GKH 900 AE is a unique chimney designed with your health in mind. It keeps your kitchen free from harmful pollution and pungent odours. Its decorative design adds elegance and efficiency to your kitchen. The revolutionary angular technology ensures the harmful smoke and vapours to be sucked up effectively making your kitchen air healthy. The baffle filter gets rid of the pollution in the kitchen. The powerful turbo suction is effective at a capacity of 1250 square meter per hour. The 8-speed controls allow your chimney to function optimally with 1-4 range working well for low fumes level; 5-6 range for normal cooking and 7-8 range during cooking processes involving high fumes release.


The Air-Exchange feature is begun with the touch of a button wherein the post-cooking fumes that get left would be sucked up effectively at low speed within the next 30 minutes. Once these fumes are exhausted, this feature comes to a halt and the button is switched off.


The feather touch button panel allows easy operation of the Kitchen Hood. The control panel is safely positioned so that you don’t have to reach over hot surfaces to access it. This makes it easy to access and clean too.


The kitchen hood is equipped with LED lamps to watch over your cooking ingredients in good illumination.