Prestige Induction Cooktop 31.0 V4


The new Prestige Induction Cooktop PIC 31.0 V4, is the first in India to have the pre-set pressure cooking menu. The revolutionary “Pre-Set Pressure Cooking Mode” allows the cooktop to sense your pressure cooker’s activity and complete cooking with the “Automatic Whistle Counter”. Interestingly once the cooking is completed, it switches it to the “Keep Warm Mode” to enjoy your delicious food hot. The Indian- Menu options allow you to set the cooking option with the selected menu with the touch of a button to give you precise results. Its automatic voltage regulator keeps it functioning to its optimum level by taking care of the voltage fluctuations. This keeps it protected and long-lasting. This feature conserves energy too. The intelligent design of the cooktop ensures adjusting of settings in a jiffy to get it functioning at the touch of the buttons. It is easy to clean and maintain after cooking a healthy meal with its smooth finish exterior. The design of the cooktop prevents insects from entering to cause any damage to the cooktop. The safety and durability of the cooktop ensure a savory experience of cooking.


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