Prestige Induction Cooktop 20.0


Prestige Induction Cooktop is a total value for money cooktop. It is an intelligent cooktop that automatically adjusts temperature and power to cook a variety of foods. Thus it is energy saving. It is eco-friendly as the flame-free heating takes care of cooking without environmental hazards. The pre-set Indian menu options allow you to prepare authentic Indian food (like chapati, idli, dosa, etc) with the touch of a button. Its automatic voltage regulator takes care of voltage fluctuations for optimal functioning. This ensures the protection and durability of the appliance. The anti-magnetic wall blocks surplus magnetic energy to cook healthy always without any radiation hazards. Enjoy cooking with this cooktop, as cleaning is quick and hassle-free with its smooth and flat exterior. It is user-friendly and heating is pretty quick. It is portable for you to enjoy cooking at your favorite spots. The timer with the pre-set menu offers you the luxury of cooking without constant supervision. Enjoy the elegance and efficiency at an affordable cost with this induction cooktop.


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