Prestige Wet Grinder (PWG 08)

Prestige Wet Grinder is specially designed to handle your wet grinding jobs effortlessly, making it a truly versatile companion for you in your kitchen. Soft idlis, fluffy vadas, crispy dosas can be on your menu anytime for this compact table-top designed Wet Grinder is there to fulfill your lip-smacking needs.

Quicker: The high-quality grinding stones are uniquely designed to be absolutely durable and to have a larger contact area, that makes for grinding the perfect batter. The heavy-duty motor is equipped to support efficient and quick grinding.

Quieter: The advanced inter-locking mechanism ensures proper alignment of the roller shaft, reducing noise while grinding.

The highly durable stainless steel drum is easy to maintain, keeping it hygienic at all times. This Wet Grinder comes with a 2-liter capacity to suit all needs of healthy and satiating meals for a family.

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