Spread Happiness with Prestige

Gifts make people happy and have become a major part of our life today. We may have many friends that we cherish, the family that we love and people that we want to keep in our lives. But we don't always have the time to devote as much as we would like to them. We may only get to see them one or twice a year. We might even only get to talk to them once in a ‘blue moon', but we still want them to know that they're important to us. This is why occasions such as birthdays, house-warmings, Father's day, Mother's day, Festivals and other milestones have become the medium for giving gifts. We may not have the time to visit or to chat, but we do want to let them know that we still have them in our lives.

Confused on what to give your loved ones? Not sure if they would like the gift you've got them? Tired of going mall shopping in search of a gift? Prestige solves all the problems for you. Introducing to you, Prestige's gift card with over 500 gifting possibilities with just one card for your loved ones. Let them choose what they like. They can choose from a wide range of products. Why gift a Prestige gift card? Prestige gift card comes with eight great advantages.
  • They are attractively packed.
  • They are available at all Prestige Smart Kitchen. Honoured at every Prestige Smart Kitchen.
  • Can be used to purchase any product of choice, even products on offers.
  • Easy to choose the value, you can fill a minimum on Rs500 to a maximum of  Rs5000. T
  • he giftee can reload a maximum balance of Rs5000 too.
  • The giftee can spend in parts.
  • Also its valid for 180 days from sale/last reload.
Attractive enough? Prestige also allows you to give an electronic gift card. What better, you get to select the gift card's design and you could also add a customised message to it. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and spread some happiness with Prestige's gift card and show your loved ones how much you love them.