Prestige Smart Kitchen Demo Festival-2017



Prestige Smart Kitchen has started Prestige Smart Live Demo. Now you can SEE a live demo of the latest innovations in the kitchen space. SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! LEARN how a product works, operate it and DO it yourself.


Today, cooking is a creative and social act, rather than work, and homeowners want well-equipped, open kitchens that can also function as a “stage” to show off their culinary prowess to guests. Today needs have become much more complex, and kitchen appliances need to be flexible and able to perform multiple functions that its users can understand in an intuitive way. That is why knowing your product is of utmost importance.


Prestige Smart Kitchen is organising live demos in all our retail outlets to make certain that the users know their products, their capabilities, optimal usage and learn how to extend their durability. This engaging, interactive demo allows you to get a first-hand look at the product features through an elaborate demonstration. The interactive session also gives you an opportunity to get all your questions answered and maximise the benefits of your Prestige kitchen appliances.


Attend live to get your questions answered by a qualified product expert. Select a date that works best for you and visits your nearest Smart Kitchen Store to register for the demo.