Prestige Smart Kitchen Bandhan-A Multi Cuisine Cookery Show

Prestige Smart Kitchen Bandhan Festival


Prestige Smart Kitchen Bandhan - A Multi Cuisine Cookery Show


The lady of the home always goes an extra mile for tending to her family and keeping them happy. Caring for her family is what makes her feel very special in every way. Similarly, at Prestige Smart Kitchen we go the extra mile to tend to our customers. At our stores, we not only offer total kitchen solutions but also conduct special events exclusively for our Loyal Customers.


Prestige Smart Kitchen Bandhan is all about spending moments of togetherness. This year we have designed it on the terms of multi-cuisine cookery show which works exclusively for our select Prestige Privilege Club members. The event comprises of multi-cuisine recipe demonstrations by a local chef with novel regional and international flavour. Along with cooking tips, kitchen tips, cleaning tips, ingredient facts and loads of fun around cooking.


Prestige is known for Innovation and uniqueness, along with it the customers will get to exclusive preview new products that have been launched. Customers will also discover interesting facts about the new products and the reason for their particular design and the benefits therein.


All in all, it is a great opportunity for our customers to get ideas for interesting food and break free from those mundane routine meals. It is a small step to help our customers, who are all-around smart cooks, who need to make their family look forward to meal time with excitement.


In order to be invited for this exclusive event, the customer should have made at least 3 purchases from a Prestige Smart Kitchen store during the course of the previous year or should have shopped at the Prestige Smart Kitchen store for products worth Rs. 20,000/- or upwards, till date. This exclusive event is only available for Prestige Privilege Club loyalty card members from 1st December onwards and can accommodate 50-60 participants who have to pre-register for the event.


Email alerts and SMS will be sent to our loyal customers, keeping them abreast with the news of these exclusive events. If you are an existing member and would like to participate, you can call your favourite Prestige Smart Kitchen Outlet to know about the event details in your city.